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The company “Karmeli” deals with the standardisation of honey and other bee related products and also with the standardisation of traditional Greek spoon sweets.
Our company collects honey from Greek bee keepers from all over Greece. The company Karmeli takes care to maintain the best quality of its products as well as their constantly improved means of packaging ,with our main objective being the best result for the consumer.
Our vision is to support Greece and our main target is the best collaboration with the Greek bee keepers for the best quality and also the most reasonable prices for our fellow consumers.

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  • - Honey
  • - Pollen
  • - Honey 20gr.
  • - Royal Jelly
  • - Honey comp
  • - Traditional sweets Quince
  • - Traditional sweets Sour Cherry
  • - Traditional sweets Cherry
  • - Traditional sweets Bitter orange
  • - Traditional sweets Orange