The company “Karmeli” was established in 1960 by Theofanis Karimalis. It started off as a small retail shop in Pagrati selling honey and other food products. 
Due to the product doing well, the first standardised packaging unit of honey and other products was established in the district of Byronas.
In 1996, due to increased needs and demands , the company’s building(packaging/offices) was constructed in 150 Agiou Dimitriou Street,Koropi .Today, this is where the company and its offices are based. 
The company always functioned and still functions as a family business.In 2002 ,after Theofanis Karimalis passed away ,the company became a partnership and his children ,Eftichia Karimali and Nikolaos Karimalis ,took over the business. 
The company mainly deals with honey and its related products for example royal jelly , bee pollen , honeycomb and with traditional Greek spoon sweets. 
The aim of our company is the collaboration of our company with as many businesses as possible, with our chief principle always being the good quality of our products and the support of greek honey and greek bee keeping.